Fuel acconting and control

In parallel with the development of solutions for GPS monitoring of vehicles and personnel, we developed fuel control tools, because the problem of leaks is very urgent. Our comprehensive solution allows you to control not only traffic routes and mileage, but also fuel consumption. Installing a stationary fuel level sensor or meter, or connecting a GPS tracker to the CAN bus. And through mathematical calculation according. This allows you to see the dynamics of fuel consumption, see the drains and refuelings recorded by the system, check the fact of refueling the vehicle using the fuel card with the actual GPS entry of the vehicle at the gas station, and much more.

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Fuel control

The installed GPS device in combination with a stationary fuel level sensor or counter, or with a connection to the CAN bus of the vehicle, receives data on the fuel level in the tank and transmits them to the system. The system allows you to analyze fuel consumption in terms of mileage, flights, and engine hours. Reports offer both numerical and tabular values, which, of course, can be exported in any form. So is the visual schedule of fuel consumption for the period, with a visual indication of refueling and draining.

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Drains and refueling

A large deviation from the norms of fuel consumption is recorded by the system as refueling or draining. In this way, it is possible to expose irregular expenses or check the actual data on gas stations with the data provided in the travel documents. The system records the location and time of events of changes in the amount of fuel relative to the rate of consumption.

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Fuel cards

If the enterprise uses gas station fuel cards, it is possible to link the data from the gas station with the data on fuel intake. The installed tracker in combination with the fuel level sensor records the actual visit to the gas station by GPS and the actual fuel entering the tank. Data on refueling of the corresponding fuel card are taken from the gas station system and checked with the actual data from the tank. In this way, it is possible to expose “left-handed” gas stations, drains or other extraordinary situations.


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A distinctive feature of our company is its own software and equipment, the presence of its own developers. In contrast to ~90% of organizations working in the field of traffic monitoring and tracking services, which provide services using foreign software. Effectively cooperating with our clients and customers, we quickly expand functionality for individual business processes or adapt to modern conditions.

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