A reliable GPS monitoring system and GPS software from a Ukrainian developers

Automatic online monitoring of field employees without purchasing equipment – this task is 103% handled by our multifunctional application Skyriver GPS. Visit control system allows you to set a plan for visiting control objects without paper and unnecessary time. The employee in the application receives all the necessary information for work at the point and has many tools for reporting: perform tasks, make photos and videos, questionnaires, product monitoring. The Mobile Trading module automates the sales of sales representatives and provides them with all the necessary information about customers, balances, promotions, etc.

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About us

The Skyriver Ltd has been in the GPS monitoring market for 15 years and knows all the ins and outs of this business. Refusing to resell third party systems, we created our own, so we can always quickly modify it to meet the client’s needs. This practice helped turn the system into a monster of the industry, which satisfies any needs for monitoring and logistics of transport and employees. And the production of our own GPS equipment and a smartphone application allows us to choose a profitable, reliable and individual solution for any client.

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Display of detailed information about the current state of the object. Construction of object movement routes for the selected period of time. Construction of graphs of sensor readings. Creation of traffic route plans. Construction of reports on the quality of work performed by monitoring and merchandising employees. Two-way messaging with the software. Viewing the employee's time spent on TT, as well as the time for moving. Construction of a speed report to track the driver's exceeding the specified speed.

Why us

A distinctive feature of our company is its own software and equipment, the presence of its own developers. In contrast to ~90% of organizations working in the field of traffic monitoring and tracking services, which provide services using foreign software. Effectively cooperating with our clients and customers, we quickly expand functionality for individual business processes or adapt to modern conditions.

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