Mobile agent

Mobile agent module. Visiting checkpoints and collecting information

Skyriver is a developer of a mobile solution for GPS monitoring of field personnel. Our mobile application is a complex of solutions for field personnel of various profiles and covers a wide range of possibilities for monitoring and automating the work of field employees. The mobile agent is a mobile application module that works on the basis of the Tracker module. The main purpose of this module is to automate employee visits to customers, stores or any other control points. On the one hand, the employee receives a digitized visit plan and collects the necessary information (photos, reports, product monitoring, etc.). On the other hand, the office receives reports in digital form and always knows who, when and where the employee visited.

система контролю виїзних співробітників

Online tracking

Access to the location of employees online from the web interface in a browser or mobile application.

Document management

You don’t need to physically visit the office to get a work plan or submit reports on the work done – it’s all available within the system.

A wide selection of tools

Visit, photo report, questionnaire, monitoring of goods, performance of assigned tasks.

Range of use

Ability to adapt for any area where employees visit control objects and record their work on them.


A mobile agent is not a burden for an employee, but a help, where all the necessary information is collected.

Protected data

All data is stored in secure data hosting in EU countries. Access to the system from anywhere on the planet.

The employee records the start of work at the point, adds the necessary reporting and records the end of work at the point, object, client, etc. All recorded and collected information is uploaded to the cloud storage of the Skyriver system and is available to you.

checkin checkout

While working at the control point, it is possible to take photos. The files are not saved in the phone gallery, and you cannot substitute them from there either, which excludes cases of sabotage and tampering. View a photo report for any period for any employees.

photo report

Questionnaire – a method of reporting reporting or any point-by-point data or user questionnaire. Make a questionnaire with any types of questions.


Goods monitoring for merchandisers is a convenient tool to always know the situation on the shelf. The ability to fill in data on competitors’ products as well. Barcode scanning is available.

goods monitoring

Do you need to set an unusual task for an employee? Setting tasks with or without reference to a control point. The employee’s comment and photo are optionally necessary to complete the task.

tasks for employees

Mobile tracker

Mobile trading

Why us

A distinctive feature of our company is its own software and equipment, the presence of its own developers. In contrast to ~90% of organizations working in the field of traffic monitoring and tracking services, which provide services using foreign software. Effectively cooperating with our clients and customers, we quickly expand functionality for individual business processes or adapt to modern conditions.

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