Mobile trading

Mobile trading. Automation of the work of a trade representative.

Skyriver is a developer of a mobile solution for GPS monitoring of field personnel. Our mobile application is a complex of solutions for field personnel of various profiles and covers a wide range of possibilities for monitoring and automating the work of field employees. Mobile trading is a mobile application module that performs the function of automating the work of a trade representatives. Independent of other modules of the program, Trading together with the client’s accounting system automates 97% of the work of the trading team.

mobile trading

Online tracking

Access to the location of employees online from the web interface in a browser or mobile application.

Document management

This is a module for full-fledged exchange of documents, directories, reports between a sales representative and the client’s accounting system.

A wide selection of tools

Orders, returns, arrears, incoming cash order, work with customers through the route list, sales plans, visits.

Flexibility of use

Each of our projects is not similar to another, so the system is adapted to any peculiarities of keeping accounting systems.


Mobile trading is not a burden for the employee, but a help, where all the necessary information is collected.

Protected data

The application is a “mirror” of the accounting system and exchanges information with it via a secure channel.

The accounting system creates a route list for each day for the trade representative. The employee receives information on the order of visiting customers, the route plan, the sales plan and the amount of customer orders, etc.

route list

A sales representative starts a visit in front of each customer. Thus, he sees information (pre-orders, returns, debts, reports) specifically for this client. The accounting system receives information on the time and location of the employee during the visit.

checkin checkout

Instead of orders written on paper or Viber messages to the operator, comes the innovative solution of Skyriver. The sales representative creates an order from the phone, which is subsequently entered into the accounting system, which is subsequently automatically processed and shipped.

order document

Digital receipt of debts of all customers, with the amount of the debt, the underlying document, deferment, the term of the debt, etc.

client debts

Creation of any other documents you need from the phone. All these documents enter the accounting system and are automatically processed (or left at the discretion of the operator).

other documents

Mobile tracker

Mobile agent

Why us

A distinctive feature of our company is its own software and equipment, the presence of its own developers. In contrast to ~90% of organizations working in the field of traffic monitoring and tracking services, which provide services using foreign software. Effectively cooperating with our clients and customers, we quickly expand functionality for individual business processes or adapt to modern conditions.

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