Mobile tracker app

Track yourself, family or your field workers.

Skyriver GPS for Home is a free-to-use mobile solution for GPS monitoring of field personnel, your friends, family or simply yourself. Our mobile application is a complex of solutions covers a wide range of possibilities for monitoring and automating the work of field employees. Mobile tracker is a module for background tracking of the location of a mobile device.

employee tracking system

Online tracking

Access to the location of employees online from the web interface in a browser or mobile application.

Flexibility of energy consumption

Choose a geolocation fixation period from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

Remote setup

Don’t waste employees’ time to configure their application – the configuration is done directly from the web interface.

Automatic work

Set up and run once, and tracking will work continuously without the need for user intervention.

Time schedule

The tracker works automatically according to the time schedule you specified on the specified days.

Protected data

All data is stored in secure data hosting in EU countries. Access to the system from anywhere on the planet.

Extensive options for setting up tracking, which have been transferred from modern GPS devices of our own development, so energy consumption will be less, with the same quality of the route.

optimised power consumption

Start by connecting to bluetooth, by connecting the charger, according to the time schedule, manually using the button.

launch ways

Don’t want users to go into the settings one more time? Protect them with a PIN that only you or trusted employees will know.

PIN protection

Bad internet coverage? Not a problem. If there is no network, the application records the route “inside black box”, and will immediately download it when the network is available.

offline application work

Ukrainian, Polish, English and many other popular languages are available in our application.

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Why us

A distinctive feature of our company is its own software and equipment, the presence of its own developers. In contrast to ~90% of organizations working in the field of traffic monitoring and tracking services, which provide services using foreign software. Effectively cooperating with our clients and customers, we quickly expand functionality for individual business processes or adapt to modern conditions.

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